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Services -  French Dry haircut, Balayage hair coloring

Coco Omori is Freelance Hair Stylist and Colorlist in New York, Fukuoka city and Tokyo in Japan.

ココ大森は、ニューヨーク、福岡市と東京都内で活躍するフリーランス ヘアスタイリストです。

She performs French DRY haircutting. Dry haircutting, as name suggests, is  performed without wetting hair. That way your hair will be set by itself after getting out of shower, without hours of styling. Your hair will be much manageable. 

She also performs French Balayage hair color means "to sweep" in French. Its a very artstic and freehand technique where the hair color is applied by hand sweeping for more natural effect. 

acheive to perfect look, three times sessions is recomended.





hair cut                                                     12,000 yen

hair color root touch up                              9,000 yen

              single color                                  10000yen

              basic color                                   10000yen

              highlighting                                  12000yen

              double process                             15000yen

 Shampoo and Blow dry 5000yen

make up 12,000 yen

Global Hairstylist Class

11,000yen / 1 hour


for company consultant 20000 yen to 50000yen per month

2-5hours beauty service per month


photoshoot and event, tour 100000yen per a day 



Beauty Certification Classes available for hair cut, highlight and Blow dry.

Recommended for 3 hours course.

She builds beauty treatment plans for company‘s employees and provide advice on global business look, styling etc. She is also a qualified travel planner and organize beauty tours to New York and Fukuoka for companies as their adviser.

please email


New York price

Cut $225
Color Blow dry $50&up

highlight $450

wedding hair $200-$320

Beauty consultation on skype available.

Please email to  schedule your appointments.


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